Just Survive Today


(The following is inspired by Pastor Jonathan Martin, founder of Renovatus Church) There is this thing that’s permeating Christianity and Christian churches these days. It sounds really great, and people are usually inspired when they first hear the message. I think I’ve helped spread the message. You’ve heard it, and it’s communicated in different ways. [...]

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Next Level Leadership for Creative Team Leaders

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I think having an artistic bent on life is a difficult life to live. I also think leading anyone in any right direction is a close-to-impossible thing to do. Many people function 60 hours a week as both. They are the Creative Team Leaders. They lead in churches, in small businesses, in Fortune 500 companies, [...]

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Creating Art from the Inside Out


We artists are an interesting lot, aren’t we? We see the created order differently than other “normal” people. We seem to breathe deeper and cry harder. We’re not bent on communicating as much as we’re bent on disturbing. And I think God created us this way. And I think it’s all good and fine and [...]

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Help Me Develop a Theme for This


During 2014, Floodgate will be producing a six-week video curriculum for BOTH small groups and individual use. It will feature teaching (by me) interspersed with legit short-films throughout. It will be available as a DVD product, and also as an online experience. Needless to say, I’m both excited and terrified. But that’s not the point [...]

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How Can We Live With Noticeable Hope?


It was Christmas Eve 2011. Or 2010. I can’t remember. But I do remember that it was late, and I had a stronger-than-normal hankerin’ for a Combo Burrito, extra sauce, no onions from The Taco Bell. I was on my way home from our church’s Christmas Eve services, so I stopped by the TB for [...]

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