How Can We Live With Noticeable Hope?


It was Christmas Eve 2011. Or 2010. I can’t remember. But I do remember that it was late, and I had a stronger-than-normal hankerin’ for a Combo Burrito, extra sauce, no onions from The Taco Bell. I was on my way home from our church’s Christmas Eve services, so I stopped by the TB for [...]

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The Most Important Church Leadership Question


At the onset of every new year, church leaders begin to envision their dreams and goals for the coming year. They look at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities – all with the goal of reaching more people for Christ. This post is designed to aid in the process, not to judge or condemn. The last thing [...]

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Baptism Video Inspiration


As Christians, some of the most impacting moments we experience involve watching someone get baptized. Because so many people who read my blog either create baptism videos, or work with people who create baptism videos, I thought I’d post a recent baptism video we created. The baptisms happened at 9:00pm, and we showed the video [...]

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Pour Brokenness Into Your Creative Work


As I envision new art to create for churches and for private clients, I automatically think about pouring the best areas of my life into these new projects. Where have I been successful? What am I great at? Nothing wrong with that. But I must force myself to pour my failures and my personal brokenness [...]

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Grateful or Entitled?


I think the absolute opposite of thanksgiving is entitlement. Any sentence that begins with “I deserve…” works against the cultivation of a grateful heart. The more I say those words, the more entitled I become. I’ve learned to hide it on the outside, but on the inside I’m like a 15 year-old teenage girl rolling [...]

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