Back There in the Video Room


This would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic. Especially if you’re the kid in the video booth who gets yelled at. Then, it’s not so hilarious. Jesus used His God-given platform to invite normal and broken people into a Kingdom, never to make those people feel like idiots. What are your thoughts as you [...]

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Beatitudes and Blessings – Echo 2013


Many Echo 2013 participants asked me to post the Beatitudes I read over them at the end of one of my talks. I added one spontaneously, but I can’t remember what I said. So that’ll be missing from the content below. _____________   Blessed are you when you give a voice to deep questions where [...]

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Creativity, Wounds, and Excuses


BRISKET, SAUSAGE, AND SWEET TEA Summer in Georgia isn’t something I’m intimately acquainted with. My wife and I were on a vacation recently, and for three days we had experienced bucketfuls of rain in both of the Carolinas. As we drove south on I-95 down into Georgia, I’m pretty sure I heard a lady with [...]

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Extra Large


Two divergent paths have lead to this post. I traveled the first path as I was preparing for a talk at my church. My preparation for that talk required that I look hard at the life of Moses. The second path I traveled happened on Father’s Day. My unintended preparation for that day required that [...]

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What Kind of Creative Are You?

creativity sign

We’re all creative, because we’ve all been created in the image of a creative God. All people are not artistic, but all people are creative. I’ve written about that before. But what kind of creative are you? What kind of creative people fill the Teams you lead? That’s a huge question to ask, because as [...]

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