Do Anything Good


Do anything. Do anything today. Do anything good today. Do anything good today that will make you feel a little uncomfortable. Do anything good today that will force you to act like fear isn’t involved (even though it is). Do anything good today that might surprise the recipient of your good. Do anything good today [...]

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Crumb Maker


This morning, I read the original short-story of Hansel and Gretel. I think artists and leaders would do well to read these fables, for they possess more beauty and tragedy than we were able to digest when we read them as children. I need to read and re-read more of them. In the story of [...]

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Three Leadership Tasks to Build Strong Church Volunteers


When I received this anonymous letter from a church volunteer, I started thinking about how best to care for him. What could his church have done to help prevent this from happening? My answer comes in an entirely pragmatic approach, detailed in this post. If you’re story-driven, then you’re gonna struggle to get through this [...]

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Back There in the Video Room


This would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic. Especially if you’re the kid in the video booth who gets yelled at. Then, it’s not so hilarious. Jesus used His God-given platform to invite normal and broken people into a Kingdom, never to make those people feel like idiots. What are your thoughts as you [...]

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Beatitudes and Blessings – Echo 2013


Many Echo 2013 participants asked me to post the Beatitudes I read over them at the end of one of my talks. I added one spontaneously, but I can’t remember what I said. So that’ll be missing from the content below. _____________   Blessed are you when you give a voice to deep questions where [...]

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