The Most Important and Necessary Quality We Need to Grow


Have you ever noticed that some people get better with age? They become more patient, more loving, more gentle. They smile more. The little things that once caused them to become irritated no longer cause the same irritation. They’re less critical, and more full of grace. But the opposite is true, too. Some people get [...]

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Art, Heart, and Canada


June 4, 2012. I am in St. Catharines, Ontario. I am standing before a group of Canadian artists and leaders, at a great Conference in a great church. I begin my with my own very personal confession. These are the admission statements I come clean with: I am easily distracted. I experience extremely high highs, [...]

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Distracting the Creative Process


(I wrote the following was written for SundayMag – a great online magazine that discusses the creative side of Sundays). The night was cool, and the wind whistled through our backyard redwood trees. The moon had taken refuge behind a bank of clouds, so the space was dark and solemn. An empty deckchair invited me [...]

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Love for Art. Love for People.


I love creating art that moves people emotionally, and challenges them spiritually. I love creating art that makes people ask the most difficult questions of life. And I love creating art that offers the true life of Christ. But I can love art too much.  I can easily forget that good art is simply a [...]

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Scott McClellan, the Tragedy of Art, and the Echo Conference


I’m not gonna lie. Scott McClellan is one of my favorite people in my world. He’s a deep thinker, a committed Christ-follower, and the Director of the Echo Conference and the Echo Hub. Scott has been a constant voice of encouragement and support to me, and wrote key articles in my book PURSUING CHRIST. CREATING [...]

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