Writing With Friends

I chose to write my book with others because I knew it would be better than if I wrote it alone.

The life of a Christ-follower should never be lived in isolation, and I believe that in my core. So for me, it just made sense to invite people from my artistic communities in, asking them to introduce each major Section of PURSUING CHRIST. CREATING ART. And here’s the amazing thing…

They weren’t given the manuscript to read beforehand.

In other words, I asked them to write an introduction to a topic, without giving them details about the topic. And to make it even more difficult, I asked them to open the can of worms, and just leave it there. No application. No conclusions.

Here’s the truth about my experiment – When you discover the right people to partner with, they’ll say whatever God is laying on their hearts. And it’s perfect.

And it never goes the way you planned.

And it goes the way God planned.

And that’s okay.

And it ends up better.

Way better.

At times, they felt like they were writing blindly. But in those times, they also knew they were writing from the fearfully and wonderfully unique heart that God had formed within them.

I am forever indebted to the following people, all who wrote a Chapter Introduction in my book:

SCOTT McCLELLAN – Echo Hub, Echo Media Conference.

JASON ROWE – Partner at Floodgate. Jason also created the galley drawings at the beginning of each Section.

JEFF PARKER – Vice President of the RT Group (Igniter Media, Echo, and more to unveil).

ROB W. THOMAS – Founder and President of the RT Group.

CANDICE WILKINS – Wife of Dave Wilkins, amazingly strong and open woman, fantastic Mom.

DAVE WILKINS – Husband of Candice Wilkins, partner at Floodgate. Dave created the cover art for the book.

KATIE STRANDLUND – Blogger and artist who writes beautifully and openly about the Church.

PAT CALLAHAN – Worship Pastor, leader, and artist.

These artists are all my friends. If you ever write a book, you may want to ask others to be a part of it, at some level. In my experience, the whole became far greater than the sum of its parts.

My dad used to tell me that all the time.