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Here’s what some people are saying about PURSUING CHRIST. CREATING ART.

At first his transparency put me on alert, but that was just God’s way of telling me Gary was farther down the road of not caring what others thought about himself than I was.  Gary just lays it all out there – both in person and in this book.   The chapters are short – perfect for us ADHD types, filled with stories, and beaming with hope. Please read my complete review here.

Phil Slocum (Worship Pastor)


I found myself realizing that not only am I not alone in the Dali-esque landscape of the artist’s emotions, and not only is Molander an unexpected spiritual comrade, but somehow the realization came across that I and Molander are part of a vast tribe, a tribe who are not afflicted with an emotional malady, but rather blessed with strength of emotional response.  Despite years of being told I was broken and needed repair I now realize that the high highs and the low lows are my tools. Please read my complete review here.

Michael LaFlamme (Writer and Blogger)


It is evident in his films, his words, and his actions. Of all the creatives out there, there’s no one digging deeper than Gary into what it means to reflect God in our art.

Stephen Anderson and Aaron Holt (Centerline New Media)


If you are a leader, this is a great book for those artists who serve with you. If you are artist, you will find your soul stirred and challenged by Gary’s collection of thoughts. Please read my complete review here.

Pat Callahan (Worship Pastor)


The rise of creative expression in our faith journey is undeniable. And as the chasm between worship and art lessens, we need pioneers and navigators who can guide the Church through the uncharted intersections of this new world. Gary is a navigator at heart, and his book is a map that leads you through the world of creativity while keeping your eyes fixed on Christ.

Stephen Proctor (Visual Worship Curator)


PURSUING CHRIST. CREATING ART.  is about changing the world, one artist at a time. This is not a “safe” book. It’ll stretch you and challenge you. It’s unapologetic in its approach, brutally honest, funny at times and intimate at others. The most impressive aspect is that it has Christ as its backbone, and Gary’s heart reflects the light of our Lord. This is not just a practical creative resource. It’s an interactive heart check and a much needed message for all Christian artists. I could identify with Gary throughout his bold and brave work. I am truly blessed for having read it. Please read my complete review here (video interview included).

Gregory Fish (FishXpressions)


We church creatives walk a fine line between our art and our commitment to the Creator. Gary’s insights on the proper balance always help keep me in check. Please read my complete review here.

Steve Murphy (Seacoast Church Video Director)


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