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Me 2014 – An Update


Many of you have asked how I’m doing since my visit to the Stanford Neurology folks. The short answer is simple. I’m not doing any better, but there’s a plan in place. I’m off the wrong meds. I’m going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. I’m eating at the same [...]

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Just Survive Today


(The following is inspired by Pastor Jonathan Martin, founder of Renovatus Church) There is this thing that’s permeating Christianity and Christian churches these days. It sounds really great, and people are usually inspired when they first hear the message. I think I’ve helped spread the message. You’ve heard it, and it’s communicated in different ways. [...]

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How Can We Live With Noticeable Hope?


It was Christmas Eve 2011. Or 2010. I can’t remember. But I do remember that it was late, and I had a stronger-than-normal hankerin’ for a Combo Burrito, extra sauce, no onions from The Taco Bell. I was on my way home from our church’s Christmas Eve services, so I stopped by the TB for [...]

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Grateful or Entitled?


I think the absolute opposite of thanksgiving is entitlement. Any sentence that begins with “I deserve…” works against the cultivation of a grateful heart. The more I say those words, the more entitled I become. I’ve learned to hide it on the outside, but on the inside I’m like a 15 year-old teenage girl rolling [...]

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Do Anything Good


Do anything. Do anything today. Do anything good today. Do anything good today that will make you feel a little uncomfortable. Do anything good today that will force you to act like fear isn’t involved (even though it is). Do anything good today that might surprise the recipient of your good. Do anything good today [...]

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